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          In order to enhance the ability of financial leasing to serve the real economy and promote the steady development of the financial leasing industry, the “2020 China Financial Leasing Annual Meeting”, organized by the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and undertaken by the Leasing Business Committee, was held in Shanghai on December 11-12 with the strong supports of the Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau and Huangpu District People’s Government. Representatives of financial leasing companies and relevant organizations from all over the country attended the annual meeting.



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          Vice President of Juxin Leasing was invited to participate in the round table discussion on the theme of “focusing on the real economy to serve micro, small and medium-sized enterprises”. He introduced the development status of micro and small-sized businesses of the company, that is, the micro and small-sized business segment of Juxin Leasing served private micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the people’s livelihood industry such as medical and education sectors. He also shared the experience gained in the business development with the guests present, and they put forward a lot of suggestions on the future development of micro and small-sized businesses.


          Round table discussion

          Since its participation in the Leasing Business Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment in 2010, Juxin Leasing, with great enthusiasm for financial leasing industry and strong sense of responsibility for work of the Association, has made dedicated efforts to facilitate the development of the Association over nine years. The Leasing Business Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment plays a significant part as the bridge and bond between government, business and market. And Juxin Leasing has also received great support from the Association during its development. As a Vice Chairman Company, Juxin Leasing will provide constant support to the Association, actively participate in Association activities, energetically support various tasks of the Association, and enhance exchange and cooperation between Association members with a view to opening a new chapter of industry development together, striving to make new contributions, jointly facilitating work of the Association and the prosperous development of the financial leasing industry.


          Representative of Juxin Leasing receiving the award on the stage

          On the evening of December 11, a grand celebration dinner party and financial leasing award ceremony was held, during which Juxin Leasing again won the “Company of the Year” prize. The “Company of the Year” prize can be regarded as a landmark award in the financial leasing industry. Candidate companies are selected after screening of and comparison among thousands of finance leasing companies across the country, and prudently reviewed and compared in regards to all-round factors by industrial experts, scholars and other judges. In the end, ten outstanding companies qualified in all aspects and meeting very high requirements and standards in assets scale, assets structure, development strategy, innovation, demonstration, risk management and prevention, business field, industrial influence and reputation. Juxin Leasing has successfully won this award by virtue of its sound risk control system and excellent comprehensive strength.


          With rapid development, the financial leasing industry of China plays an essential role in serving economic structure adjustment, supporting real enterprise transformation and upgrading, etc. Meanwhile, in the midst of new economic situation and regulation environment, the financial leasing industry is faced with new challenges. In the future, Juxin Leasing will continue to make use of its advantages, with an aim to provide high-quality and satisfying financial services for clients while making greater contributions to the development of the Association, so as to facilitate the financial leasing industry to better support the development of real economy.